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“There is a systemic lack of attention on the high rates of missing and murdered women in Indian country,” said Sunrise Black Bull of the Sicangu Lakota tribe.Black Bull is a project coordinator at the White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society, a domestic violence shelter and advocacy organization, on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.These crimes are often involved in the disappearance or murder of native women—just not exclusively,” Carmen O’Leary, director of NWSGP, noted in a statement to Takes War Bonnet noted, for instance, that the work NWSGP does to promote community awareness and foster coalitions that can help connect people with resources if their loved ones go missing is not supported by any of the organization’s federal grant monies.“We work on this issue voluntarily and rely on funding from the community and via crowd funding,” she noted.The purpose, however, was not only directed toward La Fontaine-Greywind and her family.“We also wanted to offer an opportunity for the many families in our community to both grieve for and honor the loss of their loved ones who have gone missing or been murdered,” Black Bull said.Red Road is a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe.

“They didn’t begin treating the case as a criminal investigation until Aug. “The family really kept up the pressure on police and did an excellent job in getting the word out to the public and the media,” according to Tanya Red Road, project coordinator of the Fargo-Moorhead Native American Center.

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In the days before her body was found, La Fontaine-Greywind’s disappearance galvanized Native people in Fargo and surrounding communities as hundreds joined the search for the missing woman.

The Spirit Lake Nation and Turtle Mountain Chippewa reservations sent buses filled with volunteers to Fargo to help.

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who helped search for La Fontaine-Greywind were encouraged by the response of Fargo police to the woman’s disappearance, they expressed frustration with the timeliness of the investigation.

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